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                                                                    Thinking Organic

Plate  (Natural health food)

It's not just the chef but the ingredients that makes a dish fantastic. SALUDDeLuz serves up the finest dishes and culinary delights using only the finest locally sourced ingredients.


SALUDDeLuz is a throwback to old world ideals and a different, slower way of living. To us, the kitchen is a holy place and meals are about enjoying the food as well as the camaraderie around the table.


Adjusting our menu to suit the seasons, we follow nature and how its bounty is intended. This ensures the culinary creations you order and we prepare are made with the freshest and most flavorful ingredients.

A mixture of modern culinary ideas and 'traditional' dishes with a twist, the menu has lots of tastry tidbits and wonderful dishes you can try and certainly enjoy
 Appetizers, Entrees, Deserts.

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Red Quinoa Risotto

Super Salad

Giant Leek and Baby Turnip Soup

avocado with hummus (2)

Avocado with Hummus

Key Lime Strawberry Cheesecake

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